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Is Porn Bad For Me?


Do you know if porn
is bad for you?

  • Are you harming your body?
  • Does it affect your time with family, classmates/co-workers, friends?
  • What’s going on in your mind?
  • How do you find answers?


The porn addiction label adds a whole bunch of baggage. Does it serve you?

First and foremost it means you have to FIGHT “your” addiction. I ask you, why are you giving this boogie monster your power? Porn has no hands to reach out, grab your neck, move your mouse and make you watch porn. All the power porn has over you, you give it. If you don’t give porn your power, there is nothing to fight.

Lots of folks are peddling the addiction path. Some are well educated. Some are well meaning. But they are all trying to sell you something. Do you need what they are selling? What value does the porn addiction label add on your journey to deciding if porn is bad for you? [click to continue…]

Words mean something. “Relapse” means to deteriorate into a previous state. You can never do that.

Just like you can never step in the same river twice, you can never be the same person once you have experienced something new.

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If you are looking for the answer to “Is Porn Bad For Me?” you have probably run into the NoFap movement. I have read their stuff, watched their videos and read their posts. I notice three very dangerous trends in the NoFap movement that could lead you down a more painful path than the one you are on now.

What You Resist Persists

By its very definition the NoFap folks are against watching porn and against masturbation. “What you resist persists,” often attributed to Carl Jung, sums up the results of all attempts to fight against something when making change in your life.

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